Model Shoot

As a member of Newton Abbot Photographic Club I was part of a wonderful outing to Oldway Mansion on 24th March 2022 for a model shoot under the tutelage of a certain Clive Figes. It was a pretty marvellous day and I came away with some highly acceptable images. The gallery can be found here – Lenka. I hope you… Continue reading Model Shoot

Changing the Course of History? Really?

How many times do we hear it? “By [doing this+], [Joe Bloggs*] changed the course of history…” +insert appropriate deed here *insert appropriate name here Learned experts with university degrees (even in subjects such as History and English) often say this on TV,  but they are wrong – for two reasons. 1: When Joe Bloggs… Continue reading Changing the Course of History? Really?

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