Rathbone Kydd –

Sex’n’Drugs’n’Quantum Stuff

Ebook – Contains Adult Material

Rathbone Kydd – Sex’n’Drugs’n’Quantum Stuff – an ebook by K J Bennett

“I loved this book! If you love rock music, time travel, stuff about government conspiracies, and a good laugh, you’ll love it too.” Terry Tyler – author of ‘Dream On’ and many other novels

“Best time travel tale I’ve ever read… ” Rea200289 – Amazon reviewer.

“Time will reveal everything. It is a babbler, and speaks even when not asked.” Euripides, some old guy from ancient Greece, 480-406 BC

Over sexed, under paid and out of time

February 2012: Detective Superintendent Derek Burridge’s wife, Vicky, has been involved in a serious car accident, knocking down a woman and narrowly missing a man. The woman is inexplicably in a coma and the man, the charismatic but uncouth Rathbone Kydd, claims to have travelled through time.

Derek launches an investigation into Rathbone’s claims, many of which are made whilst he is a patient on a mental health ward. When Derek checks into the alleged suicide of Rathbone’s father in 1972, he seriously considers the possibility that Rathbone is telling the truth. During the course of several interviews, Rathbone’s tale unfolds: 1970s rock music, spying, drug dealers, time travel, quantum physics, sex and violence all feature heavily in this humorous conspiracy thriller-cum-high-tech thriller.

Derek and Rathbone soon uncover a conspiracy involving a ruthless biker gang, rock’n’roll, international drug smuggling, the Greek secret police, the Russian KGB, and British Military Intelligence. They discover that secretive government agencies can be just as ruthless as the wildest biker gang, and that time will, indeed, reveal everything.

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