Remembering how to do it

I have spent so long away from writing fiction I’d almost forgotten how to do it. I’d also forgotten that I had a Goodreads account and profile, so I’ve just linked this new ‘on site’ blog. I was shocked to see that I have more than one ‘off-site’ abandoned blogs. I think I’ve killed them off, now, but others may be lurking.

These little snippets I am posting are a kind of therapy: they are easing me back into putting finger to keyboard in a creative way. After my retirement from the Metropolitan Police Service I carried on working in similar environments, and most of my creativity was funnelled into photography and work related reports. Now I’m wondering if I can still write.

We’ll see soon enough.

By Bennett

Writer - Photographer - Retired Public Servant - Former Rock Vocalist. See my ABOUT pages for the juicy details. I'm not a selfie king and my profile image is not a good advert for my photographic skills, but go to to see some good stuff.

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